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  Author: Topic: These colors make me depressed...
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 Re: These colors make me depressed...
 Posted on: 04/30/10 at 22:01:38

It was tripled on the recent news... this bug needs to be fixed once and for all grrr...

Ok one more thing to do and then will collect the files for the dev. package---> ready within Sunday!


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 Re: These colors make me depressed.
 Posted on: 06/23/11 at 03:39:04

I don't think they are eying to be the entertainment portal to make you forget about your worries but I have to agree that it would be better if we use nicer and more alive colors so as it will be pleasant to read as well.

Though keeping it professional is obviously the goal of the moderators.  

The camel is a good logo but I am not feeling its connection that much.

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 Re: These colors make me depressed...
 Posted on: 06/25/11 at 17:36:17

You're not feeling the camel connection? Let me give you a hint Einstein. This is a script written in Perl. What kills me is that it's an extinct camel in the logo.

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 Re: These colors make me depressed...
 Posted on: 07/27/11 at 14:25:33

Kill the Camel...

Perl or not...  since when did we climb out of the desert?

Web-App has specific historical imagery...  no camels included...

Time for a major update to the code as well as theme...

dirty diaper colours would be better than this....

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  These colors make me depressed...
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