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  Author: Topic: no continue button on install page 2
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 no continue button on install page 2
 Posted on: 02/01/11 at 05:16:58

no continue button on install page 2 I  entered everyting the first time and noticed there was no way to continue. SO i tryed again.. with no luck.

WindowsXP Apache 2.2 Perl Version 5.10.1

thank you!

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 Re: no continue button on install page 2
 Posted on: 02/03/11 at 04:15:23

The installation for this is so damn complicated I refuse to look at it.

It's impossible to answer the question without asking more questions. Like which
install did you use? The advanced? The default? It really should be as easy as a simple
question gets a simple answer but it's not. Maybe somebody with more aspirin than I
have can help you out with it but I have my doubts.

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 Re: no continue button on install page 2
 Posted on: 02/13/11 at 06:31:11

I am sure its some kind of Windows issue...  but I can think of various problems as well...  simple ones like incorrect paths being used...  of course a simple check for that is to check the properties on the missing images and see where its trying to read them from...

I am sure its somewhat straightforward...  as it seems like the pages arent opening necessary files/folders to load properly...

let us know if you get anywhere hunting down the issue...

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  no continue button on install page 2
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